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Videos are great resources for learning. But they are just videos. You cannot interact with. 01pi contents are all interactive. You can try out your what if questions.

cubematic: integers with cubes and holes

348+(-68)=? in base 5

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CubeMatic is an interactive tool for developing better understanding on

  • Positive integers
  • Positional representation in base 10
  • Positional representation in different bases such as 5, 3 and 2
  • Addition on positive integers
  • Negative integers
  • Subtraction in integers
  • Fractions in different bases

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Computer Science
Computer Science

Symbol table and memory operations for variables of various types

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Interactive, step-by-step visualization of symbol table and memory organization during variable declaration and assignment for primitive types and objects in Java.

For example, what do you expect to get if you compare the result of a string concatenation such as "A" + "B" with "AB".

  • Primitive types
  • Array of primitive types
  • Strings
  • Objects
  • Complex objects